Gooooood morning, afternoon, evening, wherever you are. 😀

Now I've went full-time as a freelance SEO consultant, I also want to focus more of my time on my writing. My blog is currently looking a little bare with only 2 posts, and I'm sure they could do with some company. I'm busy writing a post on probabilistic thinking on SEO - how we should accept our unpredictable landscape, make decisions influenced by probability, risk and reward and become comfortable communicating uncertainty. Hopefully I'll have it ready by next issue - here's a peek.

Our Post of the Week in this issue comes from Ross Simmonds & team with a superb piece of analysis on how MasterClass has used content & SEO to help build their $800M EdTech Empire in Just 5 Years. This is one of many case studies from the Foundation team that you should seriously check out (some have already been featured before on The Weekly SEO):

How Zapier Uses Reviews & SEO To Generate 2.9M Visits A Year

How Shopify Landed 188,029 Links & 2M Visits

The Canva Backlink Empire: How SEO, Outreach & Content Led To A $6B Valuation

Have a great week! ✌️

Andrew Charlton